The kind of guy who orders the fish at McDonalds. Once spent a year selling burglar alarms to businesses door to door in New York City just to make a living. I’m from a maze island of shopping centers and gas stations. I’m from everywhere I’ve ever heard a story told about.

Junior Copywriter at R/GA San Francisco


Miami Ad School, NY & SF, Copywriting program 3/2016 - 3/2018

Harmon Brothers University, Advertising Comedy Writing course

University of Maryland, B.A., English (concentration in Short Story Writing)
> University Humor Magazine

Junior Copywriter, R/GA 49ers 7/2018 - Present
> Google Assistant, Pup-Peroni, Milk-Bone, Masterclass
> Social post copy, Headlines, Articles, Technology, Videos, Songs, Products

Copywriting Apprentice, R/GA Jets 1 - 6/2018
> Samsung Home, ESPN, LEGO, Plated, Verizon, Dunkin pitch

Copywriting Intern, J Walter Thompson Jets 10 - 12/2017
> Schick Edge

Copywriting Intern, People Ideas & Culture Nets 7 - 9/2017
> Wyndham Hotels “Wyndham Wyzard”, Match dating, FIR faucets

Crap Sales Job, various 2013 - 2016
> Learned how miserable some jobs can get

Sales Account Executive, 2011 - 2013
> Learned to see from the customer’s perspective

Film Crew Production Assistant 2005 - 2010
> Learned how films and TV are shot

Drive Thru, McDonald’s, store #1327 1999
> Learned insights about America

516 815 7940 | AndrewSweissman@gmail

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